REVIEW: Jamie’s Italian in Reading

Restaurant Review: Jamie’s Italian in Reading

We were rather lucky to be invited to go for a meal at Jamie’s Italian in Reading. I have to confess that before we accepted we were already fans and have eaten there before. Located behind the Oracle Shopping centre, by the river, Jamie’s Italian is a modern glass faced building accessorised with olive trees and filled with Jamie’s merchandise galore.

The Venue & Atmosphere

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We went on a Saturday lunch time and the restaurant was bustling, a mixture of families, couples and groups of friends it had a nice atmosphere. The waiters were attentive and friendly, we had booked in advance and a high chair was already ready and waiting for my daughter. We were recommended some alcohol free cocktails to start us off which were really delicious.

My husband has been travelling a lot with work lately, so we fit our restaurant trip in the week he was back between visits and it was a much needed family trip. All four of us went, my husband and my 4 year old son and twenty one month year old daughter. While there were children in the restaurant, I personally didn’t think there were too many children, it was a nice balance and it wouldn’t prevent me from going if my husband and I were on our own.

The Menu

The food comprised of a standard menu and specials and of course a children’s menu. This part can always be a bit tricky as my daughter is allergic to dairy, but the waiter was really helpful. Took the children’s menu away, chatted to the chef and came back and told us what she could have. They even offered to cook up a spaghetti bolognese without cheese for her and adapt some of the menu choices. So overall they were really helpful.

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In the end my daughter went for the chicken lollipops with baked hedgehog new potatoes. And my son who isn’t allergic to dairy had the secret seven cheesy pasta bake. For dessert my son went the chocolate brownie and the restaurant swapped the ice cream for sorbet for my daughter. Which was great as she can’t always have a dessert as they often contain dairy. They both really enjoyed them, but what actually went down especially well was the salad. Not a surprise for my son is an unusual child and loves his veggies and will eat them first, but definitely for my daughter who is not such a fan. I think part of it was they looked so fun.

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Another nice detail was the little children’s pack on the table. With colouring, stickers and activities, but also a little pack of seeds to take home and grow.

Our Choices

So what did my husband and I choose to eat?

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  • Me:
    • Crab & avocado bruschetta
    • Special of the day (I can’t remember the exact name & cheeses) cheese and mushroom tagliatelle
    • Molten chocolate praline pudding

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  • My husband:
    • Spicy meatball bruschetta
    • 10oz dry-aged rib-eye steak
    • Molten chocolate praline pudding

My favourite was the starter and dessert. The starter was super scrummy and the dessert was amazing! My husband enjoyed his steak and chips and like me loved the dessert. He said his meatballs were slightly under-done, but didn’t actually tell me until after we left the restaurant, so we didn’t give the restaurant a chance to do anything about it. So I’m not sure it’s fair to criticise. I actually might have to see if I can find the starter recipe for the avocado and crab bruschetta in a Jamie book, because it was so nice – I’m not going to kid myself that I could make the dessert.


We genuinely have a really lovely meal at Jamie’s Italian in Reading. The food was delicious, the atmosphere great and the service friendly and helpful. It was the small attention to detail the made things more special and we will definitely be going back in the future.

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*Disclosure: We were invited to Jamie’s Italian for a meal, however all opinions are our own. 

A Cornish Mum

14 thoughts on “REVIEW: Jamie’s Italian in Reading”

  1. Sounds lovely, I want to go! You don’t mention the prices of the dishes, what are they like compared to other restaurants and brands?

    • Not the cheapest- but they do have a good 2 course lunch deal for £10.95

      Starter – about £5
      Main course about £14
      Children’s menu £6.50 for little kids and £6.95 for big kids 🙂

  2. We went to Jamie’s Italian in Newcastle after I did the Great North Run last year, it was delicious! We’ve also been to the one in York. The food is fantastic xx

  3. Laura this looks absolutely gorgeous. I’ve not heard of this place before and think I would have loved both your meal and the one your hubby chose! The dessert sounds gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.. I’ve never been to reading but will be sure to keep this place in mind if we do! Angela

  4. Thank you this is a really helpful review. I’ve always wondered about taking my kids to our local Jamie’s Italian. I’ve seen other people with children there but have never braved it with my three (but you can only go to Pizza Hut and Nandos so many times!)I might just upgrade our next family meal out. Great that they accommodated your daughters allergy so well.

  5. That’s really good to hear how accommodating they were with the dairy allergy. We are always on the look out for places we can take Ava that she can eat something in. Looks like you all had a lovely meal and I am now hungry. Thanks for linking to #PickNMix x

    • Ha ha reading the comments I am hungry and could go again too 😉 we’re always on the lookout for good places that are helpful will allergies too.


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