Blog Love: Five Blogs I Have Loved This Month (January 2016)

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I’m back again with Blog Love, my monthly feature where I share five blogs that I have loved that month. Here are my favourites from January.

  • Why would you NOT vaccinate your baby by Lynne from New Mummy Blog. Lynne has articulated exactly how I feel about this subject, I still remain flabbergasted why people do not vaccinate their children.
  • International kiss a ginger day by Donna from What the Redhead Said. If you read Donna’s blog at all you will understand the bullying she has endured for being a red head. I actually do not understand why people have issues with the hair colour as I think it’s stunning. This blog post articulates why having an international day is actually quite insulting.
  • So I hear you’re a Mummy blogger *SCOFF* by Talya from Motherhood the Real Deal. This is a great post that I think only bloggers would understand, people don’t get how much hard work but also how rewarding it can be.
  • Gratitude journal for kids by Sarah from Twins Make Five. This is such a lovely and simple idea. I’m actually thinking of doing this for myself. The simple act of being grateful for something everyday no matter what.
  • My First Year Blogging by Stevie from A Cornish Mum. I love Stevie’s blog and her beautiful photos of Cornwall, I have enjoyed sharing her blogging journey and watching her success, she also does a lot to raise awareness for Type 1 Diabetes. 

Have you read any fab blog posts this month? Please share I’m always on the look out for new favourites.

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30 thoughts on “Blog Love: Five Blogs I Have Loved This Month (January 2016)”

  1. Thank you so much for including me and my vaccination post! It’s an honour to in such fab company and to be chosen by you, someone with such a fab blog 🙂

    It means so much when anyone says they understand what I write and it really resonates with them, thank you! X


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