Goodbye Farley Cat – You Will Be Missed

Farley in the garden

Goodbye Farley

On Monday, we said goodbye to our lovely and gentle cat Farley. I still can’t believe he’s gone to be honest, it all happened so quickly. If you’ve never had a pet before, then I suspect this post will pass you by, but if you love animals as much as we do, you will understand just how sad we are about his departure. He may look like just a moggy to you, but to us he was so much more.

To understand how awesome Farley was, perhaps I have to take you back to the beginning. To 2003. My husband (then boyfriend) and I had just bought our first flat with a teeny garden, neither of us had ever lived in a house without pets and both really wanted one. We couldn’t get a dog, simply because of the size of our place, so decided on two kittens.

Now you see I have a thing about black cats and one of them was a beautiful black female cat, we were told we could have her, but if we took her (as quite a few people wanted her), then we had to take the runt of the litter. The runt turned out to be Farley. The cat that nobody wanted was the best cat I have ever known. Sadly, we lost Cleo a year later in a car accident, but since we brought him home Farley has become our fast and loyal companion. We have had other pets in the interim – we rescued another cat Merlin who sadly got cancer and left us in 2012 and Boris the dog who we re-homed at 7 years old and went over the rainbow bridge in 2013. Farley has been with us through two moves, our wedding, numerous ups and downs and the arrival of two children. Actually bar about 8 months, he has been with us nearly the whole time my husband and I have lived together. Our home seems strange now without him.

Farley and Merlin

Farley and Merlin

We were quite young when we go him – I was just twenty-three, so we were known to throw parties etc at our place and many of our friends have fond memories of Farley coming into to cuddle up to them the next morning as they recovered from their sore heads. Or waking up and finding him tucked up next to them purring away on their sleeping bags.

He was like a happy purring, cuddly teddy bear always wanting to just curl up and be stroked. Everyone that has visited us within any regularity knew and had a soft spot for Farley. A friend we haven’t seen for years came by quite recently and was delighted to see Farley scooped him up and snuggled him.

Whenever were sick or going through hard time it was like he knew and he would be there, pressing himself against you with a purr.

It was however, a different story when he was out and about. Then, well then, he liked to rule the roost and there has been more than one occasion when I have had to call him in for fighting and he has had at least three abscesses treated on his face for cat fighting, the little so and so. He was also fond of bringing back ‘gifts’, the worse being an actual bat.

He was also a monkey for food theft. I say this with a smile. We could never leave meat defrosting on the side and cake, he’s been known to rip his way through all sorts of packaging to get to cake. Can’t say I blame him.

Some of my fondest memories of him have been him with our children. If you read this blog, you will probably know that it took us a long time to conceive. Almost as soon as I was pregnant with my oldest, it was like Farley knew. He normally always sits on my husband’s lap, but as soon as I was pregnant he became obsessed with me and my tummy. He would curl around it and purr. So much so that towards the end of my pregnancy I actually couldn’t bear it as he would try and sit on my bump.

That was the beginning of a love affair, Farley fell in love with my son. I actually don’t think I need to say much, as these photos simply say it all.

He equally welcomed Aria into the fold, although I have to admit his deepest bond is with Logan, perhaps because they have spent more time together. But he was always amazingly kind and patient with the children and if they ever crossed the line, on the rare time he hit them he would keep his claws retracted and just gently tell them off with the soft pads of his paws.

Farley, I cannot believe you are gone. I have tears in my eyes as I write this. You were a blessing in our lives and we will not forget you. I imagine you now over the rainbow bridge eating cake and meat tit bits, cuddling up to your furry friends that have left us already. Thank you for being a part of our lives.

Goodbye and Rest in Peace x x 

A Cornish Mum
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40 thoughts on “Goodbye Farley Cat – You Will Be Missed

  1. Awwww Laura, I am so sorry. This is a lovely post and shows all the best moments that you all shared as a family. I love the photos of him with your children, they look like they had the cutest bond ever.

    I am so sorry for your loss lovely, I really am. Sending you all massive hugs xxx

    Gemma xxxxxxx

  2. Aw, so sorry for your loss! It is great that you do have these wonderful photos to look back on all of the sweet memories. Praying for comfort for you and your family!

  3. Awwww Laura I am so so sorry! Sending so much love to you and your family. Your family photos are so beautiful. You’ve got some really lovely memories. I would be a mess if my cat went. 🙁 Thinking of you. xxx

  4. I’m so very sorry for your loss Laura. This is a beautiful post about Farley and real tribute to him. You can really tell from your words and from the photos how much Farley was loved. Thinking of you all xx

  5. I’m sorry Laura but I got to the bit about having parties etc and I can’t read anymore. He sounds just like our Luke, such a loving lump of a cat. I am so, so sad for you all. When we lost Luke it felt like I would never be happy again. Even now, 6 months later, I cry often when I think of him. He had been through so much with us. Farley sounds like a wonderful member of your family and I hope in time you get used to that gap that is so obviously there right now. Lots of love x

    1. Thank you Donna and I know you have been through similar recently too, so thinking of you too and I hope you’re not too sad. We think we will probably look for another in the new year the house seems wrong without a cat x

  6. I’m so sorry for your loss, Laura. Farley sounds like such a special cat & there are so many wonderful memories tied to him. He will never be forgotten. You have some lovely photos of hi with the kiddies too x

  7. Laura… I feel so sad for you. Monday was a bad pet day! Farley sounded so wonderful. I used to not really be fond of animals but now my heart has changed and I feel so sad for you. This is the first blog post that ever made me cry.


    1. Oh I am sorry to have made you cry Angela. I think once you own a pet you truly understand what they bring and give to you but without that it’s not always easy to understand.

  8. What a lovely moving post to Farley, choked me up. You have some lovely photos. It takes a long long time to get over a special pet. The memories are priceless though, He will always be with you all. X

    1. Thank you, sorry to choke you up 🙁 we do have some lovely photos to remember him by and I truly hope that Logan is old enough to remember him now.

  9. Aw so sorry to hear about Farley! I’m not really a pet person, but being closely attached to a pet seemed like a wonderful feeling I think, especially that you have a lot of lovely memories with him feels more upsetting if they leave. Those pictures with kids and him are worth cherishing! #PicknMix

  10. Oh Laura how sad. Years ago when my dog became poorly he was put to sleep and i was heartbroken, i felt like i lost my best friend. My thoughts are with you at this sad time xx

    1. Thank you Rachel, it’s been a bit of a sad week, but we’ll get there. It was just so quick and such a surprise as I didn’t really think he was that old yet. It’s the hardest part of pet ownership I guess.

  11. Oh so sad to read this post. Your love of Farley comes across so strongly. How special to have such a loving pet and for him to be share so many important moments in your life. What precious memories and photos. He’s might be gone but definitely not forgotten. Sending hugs x

  12. Oh lovely, I’m so sorry he sounds like he was a lovely cat and the bat bit made me smile to myself. Hope you’re all bearing up okay *hugs*

    Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie xx

  13. Oh Laura, this is so sad!! I really understand your pain as I already mentioned to you before that my other cat also died a few years a go and it was really sad. Bella was also attached to him but in some way she got all the love from my current cat and it kind of distracted her. Now Kiyan (my current cat) has also been unwell but it looks like he is getting better. Let’s hope that is the case. Farley looks like he was a wonderful cat. Those photos of him and Logan are so cute. You can really see the bond. Such an emotional post!! Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS! I hope you join me again tomorrow for the last #KCACOLS of 2015!!! 🙂 xx

  14. I’m so sorry to read your news Laura, I myself lost a my feline earlier this year so completely understand the feelings you’re going through I think only other animal lovers truly understand the emotions of losing a pet. I hope your kiddies are ok and adjusting well to life without Farley. He’ll definitely be keeping an eye!

    1. He will be keeping an eye, you’re right. I am sorry you lost your kitty too, and as you say, you have to have owned a pet to understand the sense of loss. Gone, but never forgotten.

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