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I adore clothes, and although I have lost two stone this year, at a size 16, I am still in the ‘plus size’ bracket. But, new clothes (as well as hand bags) are one of my favourite things, so I was really excited to work with fashion brand Pink Clove and do a review for them.

I was able to choose three items from their current range,  and I had a thoroughly enjoyable time browsing through their website to pick the following three items. I have never shopped with Pink Clove before, so I was interested to see what their products would be like and how they would fit. But I will say I was struck as how reasonable their prices are.

Harmony Plunge Scarf Maxi Dress

The first item is their Harmony plunge scarf maxi dress, I am a big fan of maxi dress and it was the print that really attracted me to this dress. The first thing I would say is their clothes are really long. I’m not that short – about 5’6/5’7 and there was a pool of fabric at the bottom. I am in flats as I very rarely wear heels now, but even in heels this dress would be far too long, so I am going to need to take it up. I also found the scarf quite fussy around the neck and think it would have been better around the waist, and the neckline could do with just slightly more plunge. Other than that though, I really do love the print and I think it will look certainly better when I have the hem taken up.

Felicity V Neck Jumpsuit

The second item I am reviewing is their Felicity v neck jumpsuit and I have to confess this is probably my least favourite of the items sent to me. This is probably due to my personal body-shape, I am still holding a lot of weight on my stomach unfortunately that does not want to shift post c-section. I am also quite long in the body. Again the jumpsuit is quite long, I think it will be ok with heels, but if I wanted to wear it with flats I will need to take the trouser hems up. I felt like I wanted the body to be a bit longer, in order to be a bit more flattering and create a ruche affect with the v-neck. The suit itself is made from quite a slinky material that is quite unforgiving of your lumps and bumps, I am wearing Bridget Jones style pants here, and I felt very self conscious of my tummy. I added my own belt for styling, but I think a patterned belt would look better and it definitely, definitely needs heels. Styling error on my part there. However, it is a great Christmas party alternative to a dress and I think I would feel less self conscious if I styled it was a jacket of cardi.

 Tyra Floral Print Palazzo Trouser

Finally, the best till last is the Tyra floral print palazzo trouser. I love, love, love these trousers.  These are a much better length for a start, but I love the print – it is very girly and well, very me.They are made from a really soft material too, that make them super comfy. They are the type of wardrobe piece, you can dress up or down. Either for the day, or night. Again my shoes aren’t working here (total shoe styling error on this post – in my defence my wardrobe is quite tricky to use at the moment due to Christmas present storage), but some Converse for day time wear, or dressed up with heels if I was going out, I think would work really well.

*Disclaimer: Pink Clove kindly sent me these items in exchange for an honest review. 

15 thoughts on “REVIEW: Pink Clove Plus Size Clothing”

  1. Well Laura firstly you know I am honest. Going by what I can see in the photos. I did not like the dress, it’s just too much pattern, long sleeves and a long dress. The jump suit looked great, belts are great for hiding tummies. The trousers were good too. Happy to help take things up for you.

  2. I know that you didn’t like it so much but the jump suit is my favourite. I really like the neckline and think it would be cool with heels and a statement necklace or funky belt. I think the dress is just a bit too covered up and too much material a few tweaks would really make a difference (I can’t pull of a maxi dress I’m just too short!). I find internet shopping for clothes is quite tricky, I got some leather look leggings for my Christmas party last year they were beyond hideous! My husband asked me if they were fancy dress when I tried them on.

    • Yes internet shopping can be tricky to get it right, although I do do a lot of internet shopping. Agree the dress needs tweaking. The trouser suit would definitely be better with a funky belt and heels.

  3. Those trousers are gorgeous, love the print and very you! The jumpsuit looks nice too in the photos but completely understand why you wouldn’t love it x

  4. Hi,
    I really like your dresses. You are looking awesome in these dresses. these all dresses are very cute and gorgeous. and i am sure that a lot of girls really want to buy these dresses .the black dress and the Tyra Floral Print Palazzo Trouser looking very stunning on you.

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