REVIEW: Christmas Tree World Blossom Christmas Tree

Christmas tree blosson tree

Christmas Tree World – Blossom Christmas Tree Review

Christmas is without a doubt one of my favourite times of the year. I love putting the decorations up and making the house look all sparkly and pretty. So I got a teensy bit excited when contacted me and asked me if I would like to review one of their trees.

For our main tree, I have to confess we love a real one. But I’ve wanted a pretty blossom Christmas tree for ages, and two trees are better than one… right? So we choose the 5ft LED blossom tree in multi-coloured which looked super pretty on their website. It was a close call with the pink though I have to admit, but my family out-voted me!

The tree arrived in a surprisingly small package. It compromised of two parts – the stand and the tree itself, which was very easily slotted into the stand.

Christmas tree stand

The tree can be used inside or outdoors, the only part that needs to remain indoors is the power transformer. We’re going to be keeping ours indoors, but if you want to place it outdoors it also comes with 4 stakes to tie it down outside.

christmas tree branches out

The tree arrives completely flat, so you need to pull out and arrange all of the branches yourself. But this is no different from any other artificial Christmas tree. The most fiddly part is then adding the flower part onto every single light. Luckily I had a little helper,  we quickly found out that if you didn’t push them down properly they fell off, so you have to work out the knack of clicking them down right.

When it turns on the tree is really pretty, colourful, fun and festive. Both of my children absolutely loved it, even if my toddler has a bit of a penchant for trying to pull the flowers off and running away with them!

A lovely Christmas tree to complement your main one, or for someone who wants something a little smaller or more sedate. Easy to assemble and pack away for next year and super festive to boot.

*Disclaimer: Christmas Tree World kindly sent me this tree in exchange for an honest review. 

10 thoughts on “REVIEW: Christmas Tree World Blossom Christmas Tree”

  1. I love this tree Laura! It’s so beautiful. The flowers are lovely colors. I think it’d be a lovely compliment to the main tree – maybe in the entrance hall or dining area. I can’t wait to get my decorations out now! x

    • The white ones are more classy I guess lol but I do love fun at Christmas, we’re going to keep ours indoors, as it has tape around the branches I would be interested to see how it fares outside.


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