Handbag of the Month – Nov 15: Harriet Sanders Minnie Classic

Handbag of the Month

I have no shame in admitting how much I love handbags. Giving up work and having two children has put a serious dent in my handbag budget, but it doesn’t mean I don’t lust after them… Repeatedly. Handbag of the month is where I pick a bag that has caught my eye for this month, even if I can’t afford to buy it! 😉 Some might old, new, cheap, mega expensive… This is simply all about bags I love. 

Pick of the Month – November 2015
Harriet Sanders – Minnie Classic

indigo minnie classic

indigo minnie classic inside

Harriet Saunders £95

I have been on the hunt this month for handmade bags, they do have that extra special detailing and came across Harriet Sanders. How gorgeous are these bags? I have to admit I haven’t seen them in the flesh and I would love to see what they’re like. But I adore the colours. I use an across body bag everyday to keep my essentials on me, even if I have a big bag with me too. What I particularly love is the pockets, I have a think for good pockets in a bag as I think it makes them more organised and easy to use.

Oh and there’s 30% off until the 31st December according to their twitter feed, just enter spirit30 at the checkout. I think this may make it onto my Christmas list…

*Disclaimer – I receive no financial compensation for this feature, it is simply about bags I find and love.

21 thoughts on “Handbag of the Month – Nov 15: Harriet Sanders Minnie Classic”

  1. What a lovely bag! I think the blue one is my favourite! I recently bought a lovely one from Joules – I think it was my first handbag purchase for like 5 years!! Now the boys are a little older I can start actually using them properly again!

  2. This is such a cute colour – I love a coloured handbag! I currently have a bright red one. I tend to have a big bag at the moment due to all of the toddler stuff that I carry with me but love the idea of a day when I will be a small bag person again!

    • I love fun colours too 🙂 I actually tend to have a small one and a big one. Then I can leave the big one on the pram but keep the important stuff with me.

  3. This is a cute little bag!! I guess it could be useful for a night out where you just need your lipstick, some money, your keys and your phone! I like the amount of pockets it has. I also think it is an important feature. 😉 xx

    • Pockets in a bag are definitely an important feature! I tend to use a small bag and a little bag at the same time. There are always ways for more bags in your life 🙂


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