Blog Love: Five Blogs I have Loved This Month (October 15)

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I’m back again with Blog Love, my monthly feature where I share five blogs that I have loved with month. Here are my October favourites.

  • The Kindness of Strangers – Sarah from Twins Make Five. I think this has to be my favourite of the month, it is such a lovely and moving post on how strangers have helped Sarah in difficult times with her children. Read it, it will reaffirm your belief in the human race .
  • When Doctors March Something Needs to Change – Helen from Wonderfully Average. I shared this on my Facebook page actually as I was so taken back by it. It is a guest post written by a Junior Doctor about what life is like, the responsibilities they face, the hours they work and I was also taken back on how little they are paid in the greater scheme of things. A must reason for those who are concerned about the future of our NHS.
  • 9 Types of Sleep Deprivation – Mum Muddling Thru. This is post I can definitely relate to as my daughter is not a great sleeper in the least. I also cannot tell you the amount of times I say ‘I think it’s her teeth’ ha ha.
  • The Mummy Stalker – Agent Spitback. This blog is a relatively new discovery of mine and actually do not go and just read this post, read the whole saga, because it is absolutely hilarious as Agent Spitback slowly shares her parent’s committee saga, it reads like something out of Desperate Housewives.
  • What it’s Like Being a Mummy Daddy – Motherhood: The Real Deal. This is another awesome guest post that is so worthy of your time. An insightful post on what it is like to be a transgender parent and how this affects your children and your parenting. But when it comes down to it, we all find the same things hard and children are so accepting and loving.

Have you read any fab blog posts this month? Please share I’m always on the look out for new favourites.

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24 thoughts on “Blog Love: Five Blogs I have Loved This Month (October 15)”

  1. Thanks for sharing! Love posts like these as they help me discover new lovely bloggers 🙂 i’ll definitely be checking them out #picknmix

  2. Thank you for mentioning my little blog! I am so honoured. Desperate housewives – love that description! Can’t wait to read the rest of your picks. More blogs to enjoy and love!

  3. Thanks for sharing – love all of these. Feeling rather smug, too, as I had already read three of them…. 🙂 #picknmix

  4. I’ve read a few of these post already but it’s nice to see knew posts that i haven’t read yet 🙂


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