REVIEW: Povey Bags Essential Woodland Spice Tote

Povey Bags Essential Woodland Spice Tote

I first came across Povey Bags when I interviewed Claire Povey for my Inspiring Parents series. You can read Claire’s interview here. Povey bags are quite special in that every single bag is handmade by Claire. I was offered this bag to review, so after seeing them on the website it was fabulous to finally get hold of one them in the flesh – and you all know how much I love bags!

I was sent them Essential Tote in Woodland Spice, which is a new colour for autumn. I think tote bags are very much on trend at the moment too, with the pesky 5p carrier bag tax now in place in the UK.

The bag is a great size, to put things into perspective, to fill it out for the photos I have taken I managed to fit both of my children’s coats in it. Internally there is an inside pocket and a pocket for your phone. So you could easily use it as your main bag and the straps are long enough for you to use it as a shoulder bag. What I really liked was that it had a zip at the top, not all tote bags and I always worry that someone less than savoury person could dip their hands in it and steal your purse.

There is a (professional) handmade feel to the bag, but this is a compliment and not a criticism. You can see the care for example taken in the stitching and I like this gives it a unique feel. For me, day to day I probably won’t use this as a handbag as I think it’s just a touch too big for me, but it makes a great shopper, I also think I could use it as a change bag or even better a fab beach bag. I should also add this is a personal thing, it’s not unusual for me to go out with two bags (bags are awesome after all), a small cross body for my essentials and a larger bag for shopping and/or child paraphernalia. The outer is made of oil skin so it is also waterproof which is a definite bonus for me.

Povey Bags are based in Ireland, so the prices on their website are in Euros, but they ship to they offer free shipping to the UK, Ireland and Europe.

*Disclaimer: Povey Bags kindly sent me this bag in exchange for an honest review. 

12 thoughts on “REVIEW: Povey Bags Essential Woodland Spice Tote”

  1. I really like this bag – I think the zip and the internal pockets would make it more useful than a regular shopping type bag and handy that it is oil skin. I’m like you I bring my proper handbag and then a shopping type bag for other bits (if I’m working it has my shoes, papers and laptop) but there are times when it would be handy to have just one and this would serve that purpose well.

    • Thank you Becky 🙂 Yes I love the oilskin part of this bag, there’s the waterproof part but is also makes it look that much better quality too.


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