The Love / Hate Tag

The love hate tag

I was tagged by Donna  from What the Redhead Said to write about 10 things I love and 10 things I hate. So here goes…

10 Things I Hate

  1. Smoking. My husband smoked for years before giving up before our son was born and it was such a relief. I hate the smell, the side affects and smoking around children. I love it now it has been banned in public spaces, although hate the wall of smoke you often get when walking out of shopping centres now.
  2. People that park in baby and toddler spaces that don’t have children. If you have two children in car seats, those spaces are so helpful. I actually wouldn’t mind if shops put them far away from the shop, for me it’s about being able to get the children in and out the car easily.
  3. Spiders. I hate that I am scared of them. I wish they would just stay out of my house… and car.
  4. Rude people. There really is no need.
  5. The never ending cycle of cleaning and tidying the house. When is someone going to invent a self cleaning and tidying house? The mess with children’s toys sometimes can be unbelievable.
  6. Cleaning up poop, wiping bums, changing nappies – particularly ones that have leaked and cleaning up after the dog. Necessary evils of parenting and dog ownership, but, well, ick.
  7. Unhealthy food products, that are marketed as healthy, particularly for children. I’m looking at you Fruit Shoots.
  8. Having to watch my weight. I wish I was one of those people that seemed to be able to eat whatever they like and not gain weight, or perhaps even one that really loves excercise might solve my problem. But as I am steadily working on losing weight, I know that this is going to be a battle I must maintain for ever, not a one-off regime.
  9. Crocs. They are surely the most ugly shoes known to mankind?
  10. Inane Facebook statuses. Eg: ‘The most terrible thing has just happened’ – lots of replies – ‘Are you OK hon?’. To which the reporter says ‘I don’t want to say on Facebook or I will PM you’. Why put it on Facebook in the first place then argh?!

10 Things I Love

  1. My family, my husband, children and pets (goes without saying really).
  2. Books. Nothing beats escaping is a magical story.
  3. Handbags and new clothes. This will probably come as no surprise to you if you read my blog.
  4. Snuggles, particularly with my children. Child snuggles are so awesome, I love it when they throw their arms around you, it’s so special.
  5. Family holidays. Time with just the family, to do whatever you please whenever you please. Going to see new places, fun days out, play on the beach and just generally have fun.
  6. Christmas and birthdays. I honestly loving buying presents for people as much as I love receiving them. I love celebrating them, organising fun things and absolutely nothing beats the magic of Christmas. The tree, the day, Father Christmas. It’s all just amazing.
  7. Blogging and writing. My own little creative space.
  8. Chocolate, cake and ice cream. Sigh – see point 8 on my hate list.
  9. Cosy afternoons watching films. Cuddling up together on a cosy and wet afternoon.
  10. Lunches out. Scrummy food, great company, maybe even a Sunday roast. What’s not to like?

I now tag Rachel from Life of My Family and Me, Rachel from Mummy Melton, Sarah from Twins Make Five and Mum Muddling Thru if you would like to join in.

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14 thoughts on “The Love / Hate Tag”

  1. Absolutely hear you on the spider front, Cheeky Chap is now scared of them too which is my fault. I also love birthdays and Christmases. It’s the husband’s 40th next week and I swear I am more excited than he is!

    • Aww fab, I hope your husband has a great birthday next week and I am trying desperately not to pass on my fear of spiders to my children. Horrid 8-legged things!

    • A self cleaning house would be amazing would it not? And yes the Facebook thing is soooo irritating! One day someone will invent tasty calorie free chocolate. One day…

    • It’s not always the cleaning, I have to confess we did get a cleaner a couple of weeks ago as I was struggling to keep up. It’s the crazy mess and redistribution of toys!


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