As My Son Starts His Last Year of Pre-School

Logan in his Grandpa's Hat

As My Son Gets Ready To Start His Second Year At Pre-School

I know that many people will be thinking of their children starting school this week, and I know that this will be Logan next year. I have to confess at this moment in time, I am so not ready for him to go, and so I am grateful for this extra year.

I personally think 5 or often 4 is just too young for school, although I suspect he will be really excited next September. Logan already seems quite miffed that some of his friends are going this year and he is not. Actually, he has asked me several times why can’t I go to big school in September too. So many people have said how ready he will be for it and it’s a shame he is not going this year. But I don’t think it’s a shame, I think it’s a blessing.

These years are so precious. There are days when I am climbing the walls as a Mum and feel frustrated and I worry that I am doing a terrible job. Those are the days when I am grateful for the few mornings I do get off when he goes to pre-school. But, then there are days where it is just wonderful. Logan’s cheeky character, warmth and kindness simply shine through and I delight in his company.

Despite the busyness of trying to juggle work, I have enjoyed the summer holidays so much. Fun days out, picnics, swimming, dinosaurs, and some DVD days and crafts thrown in too. I have enjoyed having my children to myself and watching Logan’s excitement at all of our different adventures. I’m really sad that they are coming to an end in many ways, selfishly I have enjoyed having him all to myself. Even though he said ‘yay pre-school’ when I said he was going back this week.

He started pre-school last September, beginning with 2 mornings a week which we then increased to 4. I was so nervous leaving him and came to collect him early. I shouldn’t have worried, he didn’t look back, so excited by the different toys and fun things to do. We went on a fab holiday to Cornwall this summer and he complained that he couldn’t go to pre-school on some days, so I know that he is happy. I’ve also seen how much he has developed by going, his communication skills, learning his letters and it has really made him grow in confidence.

Tomorrow he will embark on his final year at pre-school as he get ready to go to ‘big’ school and as a Mum I have to prepare to let him  go a little as he gets ready to take his first solo steps out into the big world.

But for now, we shall enjoy this final year of pre-school and our time together. Anyone else wish our children started school at six like they do in Switzerland?

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  1. Gosh it is so hard isn’t it. Phoebe starting school next September just seems too soon- I think partly because it’s full time- I’m not ready to relinquish so much control probably is part of it. She too loves preschool and has been asking when it’s open since the first week of holidays!

    • Ha ha yes has asked several times when pre-school starts again. I know exactly what you mean the idea of not knowing what they have eaten for lunch of how they are getting on in their day just seems so hard.

  2. I would love Bella to start school at 6, I am so so glad I have whole year to go with her at home. So many people have said to me, what are you going to do with Bella for the next year and your going to have your hands full but I absolutely adore having her at home with me. I feel there is so much I can offer at this time that school couldn’t. I am really going to try to make the most of this time I have with her at home.

    • As you know, we agree on this. I would like my children to start children at 6 too. I will miss Logan so much when he goes. I just think we put them into institutionalised learning too soon – let them play and have fun and do crafts and make mud pies. We do books and educational stuff at home too. There is time enough for homework and being sat still at a desk.

  3. Bless him! My daughter started school just after she’d turned 4 (she has an August birthday) and it did feel a year too soon for her. To her credit she’s done really well despite the early start. My twins are starting preschool on Tuesday – I have very mixed emotions. I know they will love it but it’s also another step away from being my little baby boys. Lovely to hear that your son loves his pre-school, makes me feel optimistic that it will go well for us too.

    • He really does love it and I am sure your twins will settle in well. I think for children that are 4 in August there should be a staggered intake so they start in Jan or Easter or even the option to defer, but I guess there needs to be a line somewhere.

  4. I can remember when all children started at the age of 5 no matter what. If you got a nursery place, then you were very lucky in deed.

    As my wife is not able to take our daughter to school at all, I have to take her every day to school and pick her up every day.

    Sylvia is very excited to start school again. I will be like dancing all the way home once I have dropped her off. lol.


  5. I have mixed feelings about the age to start school. Although I would have loved to have my child home with me for longer before starting school, she really did love it and often got bored at home when younger, although, I was at the time really tired a lot so I found the break to be a chance to rest up. It is a big change for children and for mother’s and is never easy.

    I remember the pride I had seeing my daughter wear a uniform for the first time and taking photos of her with her new school bag! This was 3 years ago now but it was a special memory i cannot forget.

    Thanks for linking up to #PositivelyPosted

    Angela xx

  6. I get exactly what you mean my friend. I was so sad every time I would think of my 5 year old starting kindergarten this year. The first day, I cried all the way home after dropping him off but upon picking him up and hearing him tell me everything about his day with excitement, made me realize that it’s just another chapter not the end of the book. Thank you so much for linking up with #momsterslink and I just LOVE the pic of him in his rain gear! So stinking CUTE!


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