My Experience of Teenage Acne and Could Laser Treatment Be The New Solution?

Is Laser Treatment A Good Solution For Active Acne?

My Experience of Teenage Acne

I have written before about how I am not a big fan of my skin. I suffered terribly with acne in my teens and as a consequence now don’t really like to go out with at least light make-up on, because unfortunately I do have scarring. Here is a picture of my skin which I have used on the blog before, but this is it without some creative retouching, and you can see the scarring on my skin. I am actually wearing light make up in this picture too.


At the time, under the care of my GP and a Dermatologist I tried all sorts of treatments. Topical antibiotics and creams that bleached my towels and bed linen, oral-antibiotics, and one I wish I had never had was UV skin treatment. Where I would sit under a specialist skin lamp and they would deliberately burn my skin so that it would peel and leave a fresh layer of skin , hopefully less acne ridden underneath. Which would rather disgustingly peel off over the course of a couple of days.

It most definitely affected my confidence at the time and I started wearing make-up daily at quite a young age – often just foundation – even to school. I cannot remember the exact age, but I think around the age of fourteen or fifteen.

Laser Treatment For Active Acne

I would like to think that should my children suffer from the same fate as me (hopefully not), that there are much better treatments out there for them now. Actually I would so hate for them to have the same skin problems I did, but I guess it is out of my control. It is nice to know though that there are better ways of treating it now than there were twenty years ago for me.

For example, did you know you can now get laser treatment for active acne? It is worth checking out the information on The Laser Treatment Clinic’s website. The before and after pictures are really impressive and it is something I wish had been about for me in my teens (treatment is available for 16+).

Laser treatment works by targeting the bacteria that causes acne and destroys it without damaging the surrounding tissue. It works quickly (much more quickly than antibiotics) and can also prevent scarring. It is less harsh than strong medications like I used and chemical peels. Or even worse UV treatment. Most patients see a great results within their first few treatments.

They also do treatment for skin scarring which is something I may consider looking into when money is less tight.

What about you did you suffer from acne in your teens? Or even as an adult? Would you consider laser treatment?

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6 thoughts on “My Experience of Teenage Acne and Could Laser Treatment Be The New Solution?”

  1. Yes I know all about bad skin too. From 13 yrs. I had very bad acne particularly on my cheeks the central part of which were covered in acne. My self esteem was also effected. Today I still have bad skin. I have worn makeup on my face since I was 13 yrs. then I was using a concealer stick to cover up. Now I use a foundation. I don’t like to be without make up.

    • No, I don’t like to be without make-up either. Acne sucks. It’s not just the affects at the time, it’s the scarring after. 🙁

  2. Oh yes, I still suffer horrendously now. Back and forward to the doctors still. He told me that this is basically my lot! I think he’s right, I share my dad’s skin and he’s 66, and still gets blackheads and acne. I’m currently taking oral antibiotics and zinc after refusing the pill again at my age (35).
    I share the same worry for my children too, praying they’ve inherited their dad’s skin. In a way I hope if one has to get it, then I’d prefer my daughter as there are more options and make up available to girls.
    I’m finding recently that wheat and perhaps gluten May effect my skin, just had a blood test to check my hormones too. It’s no fun at all. Xx

    • You’re right there are definitely more options for girls than boys. Still sucks though. My skin still isn’t that great, but much better than it was in my teens. I know how you feel about the pill, I’m not keen either but it is often what doctors recommend 🙁


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