I Am the Mum Who…

I Am the Mum Who…

I was tagged by Jess who blogs at Mrs Puddleducky to do ‘I am the Mum who’ which is a fun internet meme about being a Mum. Here goes…

I am the mum who…

  • left the room and didn’t go back for ages after taking the pregnancy test that would tell her she was pregnant, because she didn’t believe it would happen
  • wanted so much to be pregnant, but when it was here sadly didn’t really enjoy the experience
  • sings to her children every night before bedtime
  • tickles her children to the theme from Jaws
  • loves nothing more than a good hug
  • loves the idea of craft with her children, but is really not so good at the ideas and the mess
  • never expected motherhood to feel this way and to be this amazing
  • who thinks her children are awesome, but is still grateful for bedtime
  • worries that sometimes she spends  too much time doing things when she should be playing
  • loves watching her children grow and develop, but gets sad sometimes because it seems to be whizzing by so fast
  • is too busy taking photos and is rarely in them
  • thinks books are essential and buys far too many for her children
  • thinks there’s nothing better than the sound of a child’s giggle
  • has to watch herself or she would spoil her children rotten
  • loves her family Legoland season ticket
  • loves buying her children clothes
  • thinks irons are evil and at 2 her son had no idea what one was!
  • wishes her house was immaculate, but sadly doesn’t have the time
  • loves to creep in and check on her children before bed, there is something so peaceful about sleeping children
  • wonders what she ever did with her time before she had children
  • never wants her children to grow up, but doesn’t want them not to either
  • is regularly overcome by such a wave of love for her children, motherhood is the hardest, but best thing that ever happened to her.

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18 thoughts on “I Am the Mum Who…

  1. Reference “wishes her house was immaculate….” – I have a sign in my kitchen that says “Only dull women have immaculate houses”. Nuff said.

  2. Lovely list Laura! I can relate to a lot of your list, esp irons which are ferry rarely used in this house! And time, what on earth did we do before being a mummy??!! Thanks for joining in x

    1. Irons are evil contraptions! And I honestly have no idea what i did with my time before children. It’s crazy isn’t it?

  3. Love this! I’m the one taking pictures and am rarely in them too. Does anyone actually enjoy the pregnancy experience!?

    1. I have had a few mums say this miss being pregnant and I’m like really . Hurrah my body is back. Glad you feel the same though 🙂

  4. Awwww what a fantastic list! I nodded along with each one. I sneak up on my kids to the pink panther theme lol I love these as it’s such a lovely way to get to know other bloggers. #PicknMix

    1. Thanks Becky. The Pink Panther is another good theme to use too. I think every parent has their individual quirks and as you say it’s really nice to find out about them 🙂

  5. Oh I love this!! Thanks for the tag, I will do it ASAP. I have so many books for the boys, filled up 4+ boxes when moving house. I always check on them before bed and HATE ironing too. Mine was broken for a year, says a lot haha. Thanks so much for linking to #PickNMix

    1. Ha ha ha I reckon my iron could be broken for a year too and I wouldn’t notice, I look forward to reading your post x

  6. Love this post, I enjoyed doing my Mum who post and reading this we are very much alike as Mums 😉 I love my children but really didn’t enjoy pregnancy at all!

    Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix lovely which opens again tomorrow! Little late commenting due to a poorly child and manic week, thank god it’s the hols now!

    Stevie xx

  7. Thanks for the tag lovely! We also buy far too many children’s books and I love that you tickle them to the jaws theme. Hilarious! x

    1. Is there such a thing as too many books? 😉 I think my children maybe traumatised when they finally watch Jaws lol! X

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