Handbag of the Month – May 15: Oilily Pink Shopper

Handbag of the Month

I have no shame in admitting how much I love handbags. Giving up work and having two children has put a serious dent in my handbag budget, but it doesn’t mean I don’t lust after them… Repeatedly. Handbag of the month is where I pick a bag that has caught my eye for this month, even if I can’t afford to buy it! 😉 Some might old, new, cheap, mega expensive… This is simply all about bags I love. 

Pick of the Month – May 2015
Oilily Pink Shopper

Ollily shopper pink

Oilily Shopper – Pink

I saw this bag in my local Bentalls store this week and immediately fell for it. I love the colours and the pattern and also it’s a great size for shoving lots of child related stuff in and looking stylish too. It comes in three other colour and pattern combinations, if you’re not a pink girl like me. What do you think, one for the collection? 😉

2 thoughts on “Handbag of the Month – May 15: Oilily Pink Shopper”

  1. I was apprehensive about opening this post cause I knew I was going to love it and want it. And I wasnt wrong.
    I love the spring colour and the style.
    I haven’t bought a new handbag in ages not even a little cheap one and I am having serious withdrawals. ☺

    • It’s gorgeous isn’t it!? My finger is itching to click the buy link lol. Maybe you could buy it and I live nerfariously through you? 😉


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