Lovely Things Linky #2 – May 2015


Lovely Things

Welcome to my second monthly Linky – Lovely Things. I was delighted last month that four of you linked up and I loved every single post, fingers crossed we might get even more people this month. If you’re new to this feature, it is about sharing our love of the little things, the lovely things that have made our life brighter or happier this month.

An Unexpected Weekend Away

My most lovely thing for this month was our weekend away to Bluestone in Wales. It was completely unexpected. I got an email about 3 days before to say there was a lodge free for the weekend and did we fancy going for the weekend to review it.

My husband and I are planners. We like to organise things in advance and be prepared, so at first we were a bit like goodness that’s too short notice, we can’t manage that. Then we realised we were being silly, my husband spoke to his boss who was great and we called the kennels to see if they could fit our dog in and we were off!

There is something to be said for doing something at short notice like that, because we truly had a lovely time and as we had all been ill over Easter, it was just what we needed. It is also an amazing opportunity that blogging has given me we probably wouldn’t have done otherwise. You can read my full review here – Bluestone National Park Review.

bluestone 16

My Wedding Rings

My next thing is about something old(er). My wedding ring set. There are three reasons for writing about them this month. One – they do not all currently fit on my wedding finger, that is one of my weight loss goals, to get them all to fit (You can follow my weight loss journey on my new feature and linky – Weigh, Lose or Stay). Two – it is my wedding anniversary next month. Three – today is a day of personal significance to my husband and this is to remind us both why our marriage is so important.

Amethyst and diamond wedding ring stack

My Wedding Ring

First up is my wedding ring. It’s a half diamond eternity ring from Tiffany, and like everyone’s wedding rings I should imagine, it’s very special. Before we bought this I had never owned anything from Tiffany before, we went for a day out in London and was looked after by a very kind gentleman who gently and politely steered us towards rings in our budget and I treasure the experience and gesture as much as the ring.

My Engagement Ring

This is not my original engagement ring. My husband bought me an ‘upgrade’ for my 30th birthday. In many ways this ring holds more sentimental value to me than the original – although that is tucked away safely in a jewelry box don’t worry.

It’s a three stone ring which traditionally stands for the past, the present and the future. It was given to me at a time when things had been very difficult, and it really was a reflection on our past, present and future. It was always my 30th, so 3 stones was apt, and we had been trying for a child for a while, so the 3rd stone also represented our hope to become a three. Which we did :).

Wedding Ring set

My Eternity Ring

Finally, my eternity ring. This was present for this past Christmas. My first Christmas after the birth of our second child. I had seen an eternity ring entirely made of amethysts on an American website, and as purple is my favourite colour I was really taken with it. Unable to find something similar in the UK and nervous of importing a piece of jewelry, we went to our local jewelers to see if they could make it. And they did, only just in time for Christmas – I actually had to get it hallmarked afterwards. But, I love it and it’s the perfect addition to my wedding set. Lucky me ♥.

So as you can see each is very special to me for their own reasons.

So, those were my lovely things for April :-). I’d love it if you linked up and let me know what yours were.

The Rules

The first Monday of every month I will host the Linky, all you need to do to join is:

– Write about something lovely, be it a new purchase, a favourite item you’ve had forever but want to share, a great book, home decorating, maybe a lovely experience like a beauty treatment or coffee with a friend, new shoes, make-up, handbag, whatever it is as long as it’s lovely I want to know about it! 🙂

– This Linky is open to every type of blogger no matter what your chosen blogging subject.

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8 thoughts on “Lovely Things Linky #2 – May 2015”

  1. What a wonderful trip and last minute too. I haven’t read post yet I am a bit behind on my reading. I look forward to reading all about it.

    Your rings are beautiful and have so much more meaning behind them than just your wedding day I love that. Your Eternity ring is just gorgeous I love love purple it was my wedding colour my engagement ring has an amethyst stone which is also my birth stone.

  2. Two really lovely things. How nice to get away last minute. I’m a planner too, but it’s fun to run off somewhere exciting at the last minute. Your holiday sounded really lovely, and great for kids. Your rings are gorgeous. I love your eternity ring. I’m sure they will all fit really soon! #lovelythings xx

  3. First time here, I’ve been on catch up all day because I slept in but I finally made it and thank you so much for hosting! *takes a deep breath* I absolutely adore amethyst and all your rings together look really beautiful, It’s lovely to have a weekend away unplanned, not that I ever get one lol xx


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