Ten Dairy Free Sandwich Fillings for Baby Weaning

A sandwich

Sandwiches are always my go to lunch. Both my children love them, my son sometimes more than hot dinners. However, when you have a child who is dairy free my go to choices for weaning of Dairy Lee and cheese were out the window.

If your baby is like mine, she can’t seem to manage meat and can’t chew it – so things like ham etc. weren’t really an option. She’s not even very good at cucumber, pepper or vegetable slices at the moment either, although we keep trying them as finger foods. They get sucked, but not really eaten. I’m also quite anti sweet things in sandwiches such as jam and Nutella other than for a treat and never for a baby. My son didn’t have chocolate until he was nearly two. I know meanie ;-).

So here are ten dairy free options for sandwiches for weaning babies. That are also good for babies that aren’t keen on meat too.

    1. Humus – also yummy on toast
    2. Egg mayo – make sure to check the brand you’re using as annoyingly some add milk or lactose
    3. Tuna mayo – add a little malt vinegar to sweeten it slightly
    4. Mashed banana – try with a touch of cinnamon
    5. Avocado – you can also try mixing with a little fish
    6. Fish fingers – this will probably end up as an open sandwich but still fun
    7. Salmon (tinned) – again with a bit of mayo
    8. Dairy free cheese spread – I’m not a fan myself as I think dairy free cheese just smells wrong, but baby doesn’t know any better
    9. Taramasalata – also good with pitta bread
    10. Chicken, mango and mayo – you may need to grate or put the chicken in the food processor to make it easier for baby to eat

Have you got any suggestions to add to my list?

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5 thoughts on “Ten Dairy Free Sandwich Fillings for Baby Weaning”

  1. We had such an easy time with no allergies or anything so I wouldn’t have a clue of dairy free lunches. Great sandwich fillers, I might give some a go with the kids now x

  2. Ooo some great ideas here!! I used to love banana sandwiches as a kid!! Yum yum! Arthur is a banana fiend but for some reason never thought about putting him in a sandwich for him…..will be doing this tomorrow!!

  3. OOOh I could just eat a fish finger sandwich now!! Some great ideas, not just for the diary intolerant but also for those looking for something a bit different!

    Thanks for linking up to #TheList xxx

  4. @Donna thanks Donna, I often have a mind blank with normal sandwiches and even trickier with Dairy free

    @Seychellesmama mmm banana sandwiches 🙂 did he enjoy them?

    @Hannah totally – I love fish finger sandwiches, even better when the bread goes squidgy 😉

    @Ghostwritermummy I hope they’re useful to you when you start weaning 🙂


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