Lovely Lists: Five Stud Earrings for Valentine’s

Five Stud Earrings for Valentine’s

It’s just over two weeks to go until Valentine’s Day. I find that most days now I have given up on wearing dangly earrings, needing to keep them out the way of grubby little hands. So I find myself wearing stud earrings more and more. So here a few lovely ones that would also make great Valentine’s presents.

Amethyst stud earrings1. HSamuel 9ct gold Amethyst stud earrings £29.99

I love purple, it’s my favourite colour and I got a beautiful amethyst eternity ring from my husband for Christmas. These earrings would go perfectly ;-).



2. Lily charmed music biggerLily Charmed music note earrings (mismatched) £23

I have recently discovered Lily Charmed and I really like their designs. I love music and singing, so these are right up my street, but I also like the fact that these earrings are mismatched too.



Silver heart earrings3. Silver heart earrings (Not on the Highstreet) £24

What Valentine’s list would be complete without some hearts? Not on the Highstreet has fast become one of my go-to places for gifts and unique jewellery.




4. Asymmetric earrings biggerAsymmetric leaf stud earrings (Not on the High Street) £19.20

These are so pretty, I really like them because they’re unusual. I like their asymmetric style and the pretty jewels on the earrings. Even better they’re on sale at the moment!




5. Elsa Peretti starfish earringsElsa Peretti starfish earrings (Tiffany) £300

Just because Tiffany is the epitome of jewellery awesomeness. A girl can dream… Right?!



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