Papery Peep Jan 15: Filofaxes & #Bringbackpaper 2015 Challenges

Bring Back Paper 2015 Challenges

As you know I do like a lovely bit of stationery and I particularly enjoy The Reading Residence‘s #bringbackpaper posts. So when she decided to issue some 2015 challenges, I decided to give them a whirl.

If you want to join in, you can find all of the details here.

As well as returning to blogging, January has been the start of me trying to get organised again after hiding away in my new baby cocoon. Which has meant this beauty has come out to play again.

Finsbury filofax

I love Filofaxes, and I may have erm… quite a few (but that’s probably another post). I also love pens and this Waterman is one of my faves, I also have a purple version, and a different pink version I bought on my honeymoon (yes I do have a bit of habit of collecting styles I like I can’t help it…). I may use my phone for my diary dates, but nothing beats writing down to-do lists and planning in a filofax.

January’s Challenge

January’s challenge is happy mail. To send one piece of mail in the post to someone that will make them happy. I’m not actually very good at the whole posting thing usually preferring email or texts.

Thank you cards

But, January is of course all about thank you letters after Christmas. So with my (3 year old) son having received his very stencil kit from his grandparents we set off to make thank you cards for generous relatives. Sending not one, but eight pieces of happy mail. One is a camel and one if a giraffe – you can totally tell.. right? 😉

January is also my Mum’s birthday, and this year was a biggie. So my 3 year old partner in crime and I also set about creating a card to represent the afternoon tea present we had bought her. However, I was supposed to draw the pictures and my son colour them in, but a certain crazy little dude decided he couldn’t be bothered and that playing with his stickers was much more fun. But, anyway that makes 9 pieces of happy mail in January. All child-led I’m afraid, I’m thinking next time I should try and send some ‘grown-up’ happy mail too.

Afternoon tea card


February’s challenge is stationery swap, so I am currently looking for fellow stationery fans that might be interested in doing a stationery swap with me? I’m happy to post goodies if you are? Either comment here or email me on All swaps will be featured on next month’s #bringbackpaper blog :-).

This blog is part of The Reading Residence‘s monthly Linky Papery Peep and #bringbackpaper 2015 challenges

The Reading Residence

6 thoughts on “Papery Peep Jan 15: Filofaxes & #Bringbackpaper 2015 Challenges”

  1. I used to have loads of filo faxes too, but back in the old days when I used to have a “career”. Just love them! Would so love to do a stationary swap, but sadly I don’t have any! Again, used to collect them when I was in my teens, but stopped as an adult. But I definitely want to start collecting again #bringbackpaper.

  2. So lovely to have you involved! I can totally tell that we have a camel and a giraffe there! It is lovely to send happy mail, I’m glad you managed it. As to the stationery swap, do not worry, as I’ll be organising all the swappers from here, so you can get involved that way 🙂 Thanks very much for joining in and sharing with #PaperyPeep

  3. I can totally see how addictive fliofaxes become having brought my first at the end of last year – it’s so hard to choose just the one!
    Some very good art work too from your little man.

  4. I bought my husband a filofax for Christmas and he loves it. I’m thinking of indulging in a luxurious one for myself. I love the colour of yours, it’s bound to cheer up a dull winters day x

  5. @Dean of little steps they’re pretty aren’t they? I think you can get one even if you don’t have a career 🙂

    @thereadingresidence thank you it’s good fun, I didn’t know that about the stationery swaps, I will watch out on your blog for more details 🙂

    @Stephanie thank you, I love the pen too, I think nice stwtionery demands nice pens to go with it 😉

    @serotiny I know they are super pretty aren’t they how can you choose just one?!

    @Louisa ooh do it 🙂 you won’t regret it!


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