Lovely Lists: Five Pretty Pyjama Sets <3

Five Pretty Pyjama Sets

It’s cold, it’s January, some parts of the country have snow. It’s time to snuggle into some cosy, but pretty pyjamas. My wardrobe definitely needs some new additions, so I thought I would share some of my favourites. As you can tell, I am rather fond of floral print ;-).

In no particular order…

Next charcoal bird print pyjamas1.Next Charcoal bird print pyjamas £25

Simple, but elegant bird print.




Cyberjammies floral pjs

2. Cyberjammies Isabel floral print pyjamas £45

If I’m honest, I’m not sure I would pay £45 for pyjamas, but I do like the Cyberjammies brand and these are one of my favourites from their current collection.



John Lewis vintage floral pyjamas

3. John Lewis vintage floral navy pyjamas £35

Really pretty floral print, I really like the pink flowers on black.




ASOS dinosaur pjs

4. ASOS Dinosaur tee and legging set £24

Just because my son would love them. Dinosaurs… Need I say more?




Next floral print pyjamas

5. Next Blue floral print pyjamas £26

I think these could be my favourite of the five. They kind of remind me of Wedgewood. In fact, I may have to purchase!



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7 thoughts on “Lovely Lists: Five Pretty Pyjama Sets <3”

  1. @Lindsey it looks like the Next ones are everyone’s favourites 🙂 thanks so much for reading x

    @youbabymemummy thanks for visiting 🙂 I really like #thelist Linky and I will definitely be back!

  2. I love PJ’s, the bird print ones are my favorite I think. but I have a friend that would LOVE the dinosaur ones, I would get them for her birthday but I don’t think they have her size. x


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