My Christmas Stationery Haul!

imageTo help me get back into blogging on Donna from What the Redhead Said suggested I join in some Linkys. I’m still researching which ones to join, but as I love stationery I have decided to join in with Reading Residence’s #Bringbackpaper monthly Linky Papery Peep.

I do love stationery. Pretty pens, crisp new notepads and don’t get me started on Filofaxes…

So, Santa totally knew what he was doing getting me some lovely stationery bits this Christmas. For my fellow stationery addicts out there, I thought I would share my lovely haul.

There are a couple of expensive items, but for there are also some great budget items too.


Forever Friends Family Planner


Heart Post-it notes (Tesco), Floral notebook (Sainsburys), Olivia embossed notebook, Star paperclips (Tesco)


 Cath Kidston pen and pencil



 Paperchase sticky note set


And finally, a Radley keyring

Didn’t I do well? Some items I’ve already started using, but I like to save new notebooks until a specific reason for a new notebook pops up. I don’t like to just use them randomly. Or is that just me?

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9 thoughts on “My Christmas Stationery Haul!

  1. You did do well! So many gorgeous items there! I really like that stick note set from Paperchase. I’m just the same with new notebooks, and I have several that I still haven’t quite decided what to use them for, so they remain blank! Thanks very much for sharing with #PaperyPeep, lovely to have you x

  2. Thanks Jocelyn 🙂 I’m looking forward to joining. I already have a plan for January 🙂

    And I agree, new notebooks there’s nothing like writing on that first crisp page!

  3. Oh my, some very pretty sets there! I got some stationery too; a similar Paperchase sticky notes set, a new diary/planner and a birthday/address book. Love stationery. And I used adore Forever Friends! Xx

  4. @rachel ooh sounds like you got some good stuff too 🙂 and yay I think Forever Friends are kitsch cool now 😉

    @Donna I do! 🙂 yes me too they’re really cute

  5. I love stationery too! I have just realised that although I use my google calendar on my phone all the time, I really have to buy 2015 pages for my Filofax too. Kidded myself it was an unnecessary expense, but then I can always justify buying stationery. 🙂

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