What Expectations Do You Have Of Valentine’s Day?

imageWhen I first started writing for this blog, I wrote about my views on Valentine’s Day and what I thought Love Is… now as it approaches again, I have been thinking about it once more. Once again, my husband will be travelling with work on that love struck day and I will be left at home to fend myself. Don’t worry I’m a big girl, and it seems that his work have decided to run an event on the nearest weekend to Valentine’s every year, it’s something we can’t escape.

I make no secret of the fact I love ‘shiny things’ and what girl doesn’t love flowers? But I do still cringe at the hideous commercialisation that Valentine’s has become. The endless diatribe of tat you can buy from your local petrol station or supermarket. I really don’t need a cheap teddy holding a heart … thanks (apologies to anyone that loves them).

But, now that we have a toddler and another baby on the way, there is something to be said for taking some time out together as a couple. The fact is, we never go out to dinner alone anymore. I can recall to you the very last time we did, it was June 2012. We have gone out for lunches or a few early dinners (mainly on holiday) taking our son along with us, but as our nearest relative is over an hour away, and I have yet to find a good babysitter (or really have the money for one), this is just the way it is. This is not a woe is me post, far from it, I chose to have a child and I am willing to make the sacrifices this requires. But it does mean that we have found a lot less time for romance in our lives.

So part of me does look forward to Valentine’s Day. We would probably have a homemade, but hopefully candle-lit dinner or maybe even a takeaway and take time out together if my husband was home. But he won’t be and as I am currently not working, his career is ever more important. So hopefully we will have our Valentine’s on a day after he returns. Sometimes I get flowers, sometimes not. We shall see what the day brings, but I don’t have any expectations other than receiving a card.

How about you? Is Valentine’s a big day in your house? Or something you would prefer to ignore all together?

2 thoughts on “What Expectations Do You Have Of Valentine’s Day?”

  1. Hey Laura,
    I’m kinda like you, i don’t really expect much from my husband, hes one of them guys who thinks its a waste of money and although i will nod my head in agreement, i sit thinking ‘he best get me a card at the very least or i wont be happy’. Stupid i guess, but i am a woman and i do carry the gene of wanting a bit of romance. However after settling our kids to sleep, finishing off the housework and fighting for a space on the sofa before the dog, neither of us can be remotely bothered to start whispering sweet nothings. Its usually whats on the TV and who’s making the next brew. And who said romance was dead!!!! ……

  2. Hi Zoe, sorry I missed your comment when you originally posted. My husband did end up buying me a lovely bunch of flowers in the end and I was suitably impressed. As hypocritical as it sounds I did at least expect a card. It’s hard with children isn’t it, it adds an extra strain on the romance aspect of things, because you’re always shattered! I hope you managed to at least get a card this year? X


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